27th September 2019

As parliament and the country continue to be in a stalemate and divided about how to resolve the question of Brexit, the views of most of the parliamentarians and us citizens around the country become more fixed and polarized. Polarization Polarization is the act of dividing, especially something that contains different people or opinions.  The […]

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11th August 2019

LATE FRAGMENT                                                                                 And did you get what                                                         you wanted from this life, even so?                                                         I did.                                                         And what did you want?                                                         To call myself beloved, to feel myself                                                         beloved on the earth.   “Late Fragment” is the last poem in the last book that Raymond Carver ever published, […]

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10th July 2019

Self-talk is usually so automatic that you don’t notice it or the effect it has on your moods and feelings. You react without noticing what you told yourself before your reaction. Self-talk often appears as a form of short-hand. One short word or brief image contains a whole series of thoughts, memories or associations. What […]

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1st June 2019
The Power of Thought

How We Think Affects How We Feel The way we think about a situation can literally either make it easy to handle or make it impossible to deal with.   Our thoughts can calm us down or stir us up.  It is even true that simply thinking about an experience from a different point of view […]

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30th April 2019

What are they? A phobia is a persistent and unreasonable fear of a specific object, activity or situation that results in a compelling desire to avoid that dreaded object, activity or situation.  There are three aspects that are different from normal ordinary everyday fears.  Firstly you are persistently afraid of the object or situation over […]

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24th March 2019

What is anxiety? We all experience anxiety from time to time but when someone finds that they are feeling anxious for most of the time this can become a mental health problem.  Anxiety affects our whole being.  It is a psychological, behavioural and physiological reaction all at  once. On a physiological level, anxiety may include […]

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18th February 2019

Over the last two years most people in the UK have been gripped with Brexit fever regardless of whether you are a leaver, a remainer or a don’t knower or a don’t carer. Whatever the outcome, we will all have to manage the changes that will take place when decisions have been made. Change is […]

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