28th May 2021

Prince Harry announced to the world that after the death of his mother and being unable to receive any psychological support he turned to alcohol and drugs for comfort. During the pandemic and lockdown many of us have resorted to drinking too much alcohol and other forms of excess. Why do we drink too much? […]

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19th January 2021

Uncertainty Living with uncertainty is hard as human beings crave certainty about the future like we crave for food, sex and love.  However, we can never know what the future will bring and the only thing we know for certain is uncertainty.  Learning how to live with uncertainty is the way we can support ourselves […]

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3rd December 2020
Learning to live with ourselves during times of uncertainty and change

Uncertainty and change These days life is challenging.  Every time we turn on the television or radio we hear of  suffering, anxiety, loss of jobs, financial insecurity, loss of loved ones and loss of the world as we knew it.  Put into the mix the heightened division and conflict within families, communities and politicians it […]

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30th June 2020
Loss and Bereavement

Loss and Bereavement One of the consequences of the pandemic is that many of us have experienced loss.  The death of a loved one is usually the most profound of all sorrows.  It throws every aspect of our lives out of balance.  The grief that comes with such a loss is intense and multi-faceted, affecting […]

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27th April 2020

Thoughts on the affects of Covid-19 The Coronavirus disease is affecting us all in different ways.  It confronts our survival instinct which triggers anxiety and panic.  This is the most fundamental instinct we have which keeps us alive.  Linked to our survival instinct is our need for support, contact with others, safety, affection and money.  […]

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8th March 2020

The Power of Thinking What you think and how you think generally plays the biggest of all the factors that create and maintain depression.  After all, the choices you make in life are derived from your perceptions, whether they are right or wrong. There are common and easily identified cognitive distortions or errors in thinking […]

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1st February 2020

What is it? Everyone falls into the doldrums at times, or luxuriates in a bit of self-pity or melancholy.  But depression is different. Depression robs the person of vigour and hope, warps the mind, saps the energy and turns the inner world of a person into a prison of isolation and despair. Depression is not […]

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30th December 2019
New Year's Resolutions

New Year's Resolutions The New Year has always been a time for looking back on the past and more importantly contemplating the future and the coming year.  It is a time to reflect on the changes we want, or often need to make, to move forward. The word “resolution” comes from “resolve” which means to […]

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8th December 2019
Happy Christmas

Happy Christmas Most of us are searching for happiness but are we any happier than our ancestors were?  Have you ever been to third world countries, where poverty is rife and you are met with smiling faces everywhere and wondered “how can you be so happy when you have so little?” Almost everything about British […]

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27th September 2019

As parliament and the country continue to be in a stalemate and divided about how to resolve the question of Brexit, the views of most of the parliamentarians and us citizens around the country become more fixed and polarized. Polarization Polarization is the act of dividing, especially something that contains different people or opinions.  The […]

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