I am a member of the United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy and a Clinical Member of the United Kingdom Association of Transactional Analysis. I hold an MSc in psychotherapy in the humanistic field and am also a qualified senior counsellor in Person Centred Counselling. I am registered with the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy.

I use traditional methods of person-centred counselling, mindfulness, a cognitive behavioural approach and also Transactional Analysis

I adhere to the professional practice and code of ethics as laid down by these associations with the aim of protecting the public and providing a good professional service.

My Philosophy

My philosophy is that we are all students of Life and we are all at different stages of learning. We all have the potential of impacting on each other and developing from that inter-connection. The therapeutic relationship is no different and I work within a Person Centred remit. Some people have very clear goals on what they want to achieve and others will not. I work within a relationship of mutual respect, curiosity, compassion and shared exploration.

How will my approach help you?

Many clients tell me that they have learned how to live in the current moment, the ‘NOW’, much more than previously, and valuing and enjoying their lives. Others say that they have changed their thinking about themselves or others. Many people say they learned new skills of managing relationships, talking to their partners more effectively, and greater skill in managing their emotions. Many people say that they have learned how to become much kinder towards themselves with decreased levels of prejudgement and criticism.

  Others have learned how to be more effective parents or achieve a greater potential in the workforce. People may need to learn new skills or learn to relax in their learned thinking, emotions, and behaviour from their history. One of my teachers once said to me “Most of us live our lives asleep”, which I interpreted it as meaning that we live our lives according to old ‘tapes’, messages and beliefs from our history. 

We need to ‘wake up’ and start living our life in the present.
Exploring what it means to be human and the challenges therein can be exciting, challenging, tough and rewarding. We are the greatest mystery of all. To be able to discover our own truth and then be able to walk in that truth can be the greatest gift of all.