Frequently Asked Questions

How are counselling sessions organised?
faqsSessions are usually arranged on a personal 'one-to-one' basis in my consulting rooms but a range of options are available to clients who are living some distance away and who are unable to travel.  Sessions may be arranged using remote contact via 'Skype' and 'FaceTime', or by telephone and exchange of e-mail when a client's personal preferences can be reviewed prior to the first appointment.

How does therapy work?
You and your therapist will need to have a “working” relationship, one that may be gentle, supportive but often challenging, so that you can examine how you relate to yourself internally and with others.  In the therapy room you will probably be working with your present day relationships and current life on the one hand and on the other hand how your childhood experiences have influenced you to be as you are at the moment.

faqsYou will probably be invited to examine how you want to be different and to make goals that you want to achieve so that the structure and content of the sessions will reflect your goals at a pace that is healthy for you. Some choose to have a few sessions, which is called short term work whereas others prefer long term in-depth work.

Will I feel better by just talking?
Some people feel better by being able to talk to someone outside the family who is neutral and will really listen, knowing that what they say is confidential.  Other people need to be willing to question, reflect and challenge their own beliefs, feelings and endeavour and experiment with change.  This is the core of your job as a client.  A therapist’s job is to provide you with a respectful, reliable and safe space within which you can do this.

What kind of problems do you work with and what kind of people?
I work with a variety of issues including depression, anxiety, phobias, relationship difficulties, bereavement issues, addictions to alcohol, drugs, gambling, sex or food, issues of anger, guilt, loneliness or low self-esteem.  People suffering from trauma and issues of sexual identity are other areas of experience.

I work with people like you and me, from all walks of life, young and elderly.  I work with young children, adolescents, young adults through to elderly.

My eldest client is 86 and what a wonderful permission she gives to us all - to carry on learning whatever your age. I work with individuals and also with couples and families.

How do I contact you?
You can contact me by e-mail  or telephone (0044 07470 670188) where I will take your details and we will have a preliminary consultation on the telephone.

If we both agree to proceed we will arrange a first appointment.

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